About KLI

Manufacture the best guns and be your best partner
KROWN LAND INTERNATIONAL (KLI) is a team dedicated to the research of GBB and CO2 systems and to optimizing the current AIRSOFT pistols and also carrying out various innovative development. As time goes by, our team grows stronger and stronger. In 2018, the company was officially established. In addition to providing modified products also launching various types of guns. Every production detail and production steps uses highest quality control. From the mold to each screw, we are fully committed to providing partners and customers, the most stable product quality and a variety of innovative designs.
KLI also provides the perfect service, whether it is for business partners, Users, or technical support, we will always do our best to provide necessary assistance to KLI partners and users to gets the most satisfaction.

Existing product
KLI's main products are various types of 6mm BB pistols, riffles, with their excellent gas efficiency and unique CO2 HPR (HIGH PRESSURE RESISTANCE) high-pressure gas valves, and continue to innovating, developing on the basis of existing technology and various types of guns. To allow Airsoft players to uses more and better GBB products.

New series
In order to achieve those demands, KLI also continues to develop various types of products that based on technology.
In 2020, KLI will launching a 4.5mm AIRGUN pistol, which is a perfect new choice for users with higher kinetic energy requirements.